Repair instead of throwing away

In our workshop we not only manufacture our effect devices, but we also offer a repair service for audio devices:

  • tape recorders
  • turntable
  • Cassette recorder
  • Audio amplifier
  • Radios
  • preamp
  • speaker
  • guitar amp
  • ...

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to repair the devices inexpensively and quickly in OEM quality. We offer flat rates for many devices. We repair all other types at cost.

The state of Salzburg subsidizes repairs. As a rule, up to 50% of the invoice total per household is reimbursed as funding up to a maximum of 100 EUR per year!

State of Salzburg - repair bonus Salzburg

Simply call +43 (0)676 48 65 538 and make an appointment.

We look forward to your devices!

EHM Reparaturen für Audiogeräte in Salzburg